More and more users of personal computers and laptops are replacing old hard drives for more advanced solid-state drives. Unsurprisingly, modern SSD are much superior to classic HDD reading speed and data transfer, resistance against vibrations and other external influences, as well as the overall reliability (don’t believe the myths about the rapid failure of the SSD is no longer the case).

The choice of form factor SSD

First and foremost is to determine formation future SSD.

SSD form factors - choice

SSD 2.5

More common and universal are the SSD size 2.5, connecting to the SATA 3 (SATAIII). Such devices can be connected to almost any PC or laptop (with the exception of very old PC).


A less common type of solid-state drives are SSD M2 format. They take up much less space in the PC case or a laptop, but they can not connect to any motherboard. The main requirement to connect the M2 drive is the presence of the appropriate connector in the system unit, laptop or monoblock. The principle of operation of M2 and classic 2.5 SSD drives are not different.


The form factor of the SSD without the case, which further reduces its size. Such drives are used in compact devices: laptops, netbooks.

PCIe Add-in Card (AIC)

This format SSD is often used in data storage systems and servers with the memory type SLC, which is very safe, expensive and pointless for a home computer.

External SSD USB

But to spend money on an external SSD that connects via USB is not recommended. First, they will cost very expensive. Secondly, USB is too slow to connect high-speed devices, and solid-state drive it will run slowly, causing the user will not notice any difference with a classic hard disk, while paying as a full-fledged SSD.

External SSD E-SATA or SATA-Express

External SSD is to choose the standard E-Sata, such SSD speed will not differ from the internal. But E-Sata does have one drawback — the connector can not be called very common, because it is not on all computers and laptops. Because of this, the user of the device might not be in a situation where the SSD is simply nowhere to connect. Save the situation “hybrid” external drives that have the ability to connect a classic SATA and USB. But these disks are more expensive.

Selection SSD memory

The amount of the future device should be chosen depending on the assigned tasks. The most common use of SSD in everyday life is the installation of the operating system, for such purposes, with more than enough models on a 120 or 128 GB. Even a small SSD drive for Windows 10 or another modern OS is unlikely to take full (even after installing all necessary drivers and programs).

SSD the choice of disk size

But models with 64 gigabytes buy not recommended. Even for the operating system and main programs, this volume will be very close (and then not always), larger is better not to count on. Therefore, the small storage can not even watch.

For a gaming rig it is better to buy the model on a 256 or even 512 gigabytes because modern computer games occupy a lot of disk space. But for watching movies or listening to music to buy an SSD is meaningless, for such purposes enough for any modern, even the slow hard drive. Buying a SSD drive to play movies would be a waste of money.

The choice of which type of memory

The vast majority of modern solid-state drives based on MLC or TLC memory chips. TLC is slower, less reliable, but cheap memory standard, therefore, almost all the cheap SSDS are built on it. For everyday tasks such on the SSD drive will be enough, especially given the speed limits provided cheap motherboards.

For the one or gaming PC, you can choose a solid state disk MLC memory. Though this drive will be more expensive (in some cases the difference in cost is impressive), he’ll serve anyone, even the most fastidious user.

There are also drives with SLC memory, but for the average user like SSD will be too expensive and redundant. SLC solid state drives are used frequently on servers where reliability must be the highest possible connect via PCIe Add-in Card (AIC).

How to choose a manufacturer of SSDs

The choice of the manufacturer of the SSD

Among the most popular manufacturers not much difference, almost all SSDS use the same memory chips and the same memory controllers. The only recommendation — do not buy solid state drives in untested Chinese online stores or trading sites. This purchase is very risky, there is no guarantee that the SSD is the buyer does not come HDD or even a fake. Prices for goods in the Chinese online stores are lower, but the chance to get a low-quality forgery, it is not zero.

General recommendations after purchasing the device

Purchase SSD all the difficulties do not end, to improve the health and extend the life of the drive, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. To update the firmware of your SSD to the latest version. First, it will allow to increase the reading speed and data transfer. Secondly, the use of relevant software will extend the life of the SSD.
  2. In the operating system to enable the TRIM function, which allows to optimize all SSD and get rid of the drops performance frequent write cycles (typically, this option is enabled automatically, but this is not always the case).
  3. To install a program to monitor the status of SSD from official website manufacturer. In the absence of such application from the manufacturer you can install the universal tool for work with all SSD.
  4. To disable the automatic defragmentation. This procedure is necessary only for classic HDD, solid state drive it is at least useless, and at best — capable of good to harm.

Summarizing the above stated information, we can say that the majority of users, with a small budget, fit 120-256 GB TLC drive format 2.5 SATAIII. And which ROM you chose?

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