Subscriber Arthur Wood wrote with a wireless networking problem — he needed to get his wife’s new smartphone to connect to his wireless network:

Jonny, My Wife purchased a Galaxy 10.1 32g, How do I attach it to my Router Cisco WRT 120N. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I wrote back to Arthur to tell him that, if he’s secured his wireless network properly, then his wireless router will only talk to wireless connections that are listed in the MAC Address Filter table in his router.

Every network interface has a unique MAC address (Media Access Control address). Part of setting up a wireless network security is to use the MAC Address Filter on the wireless router to only allow wireless connections from the specified MAC addresses.

Learn more about MAC addresses here:

Arthur will need to add the Wireless MAC Address of the Galaxy 10.1 to the router’s MAC Address table, so the router will allow it to connect.

If that’s not the problem, he might have typed the SSID wrong or be trying to connect to a neighbor’s router. Be sure that you’ve got a unique SSID for your wireless network — the default “Linksys” isn’t good because you don’t know for sure that “Linksys” is your router or a neighbor’s.

Arthur wrote back with another question:

Jonny, Thanks for your quick reply. How do I do what you suggest?

Arthur Wood

I wrote back to Arthur to say that this would be a function of his router. For this process, he will need to read the router’s manual.

Most computer hardware manufacturers, including Cisco-Linksys, maintain downloadable manuals on their websites. If you don’t have the manual you need, you can download a PDF of the manual from the manufacturer’s site.

I prefer to routinely download the manuals for my hardware – it’s a lot easier to find the Manuals folder I created on my drive than it is to find a paper manual. Also, many of the PDF manuals are searchable, which makes the process of finding answers even easier.

Jonny Matson

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