Can’t Send Reduced Size File Attachments

Subscriber Richard Fuller wrote from New Zealand to ask about a problem he was having in emailing photos…

Hello Terry,

Here’s a problem that’s new to me. When sending photographs by e-mail I always use the Send To > Mail Recipient feature of Windows Explorer to reduce the file size and make the pictures viewable within the mail client window, but this seems to have stopped working. After clicking “Make all my pictures smaller” the Send Mail dialogue shows the files being sent to a new message, but the message window fails to open.

Using XP Home SP3 and Thunderbird 9.0.1, and yes, I have checked that TB is the default e-mail client.

Actually, since I’ve just updated TB to the latest version I’m wondering if it’s a flaw in this version.

I’d appreciate any suggestions you may have. I use this feature frequently and it’s annoying to have it fail.

While we’re on the subject, it’s a major inconvenience that reducing file size should have to be done from Win Explorer rather than in TB when attaching the files. It would be good if Mozilla could devote some time to such basic and useful functions rather than some of the obscure and not-very-useful features they seem so fond of.

With thanks for your help,

Richard Fuller

I was not able to duplicate Richard’s problem under Windows XP, but that’s not necessarily a definitive answer for Richard.

Although I also have a computer with Windows XP on it, I don’t use Thunderbird on it, so I can’t test it. ALso, that computer is “down” and I haven’t had time to solve its problem yet.

I did test in Windows 7 with Windows Explorer and Thunderbird 9.0.1 and the function worked perfectly.

Richard also complained that he couldn’t do the resizing from within Thunderbird. Fortunately, he just didn’t know HOW to do it.

When you write an email in Thunderbird, the top of the email window looks like the following image.

There’s a nice, obvious button that says Attach. This will let you attach an image. But, that’s all. No resizing or other functions.

But, Thunderbird can attach and resize the images — you just can’t use the Attach button to do it.

Instead, click on Insert in the menu bar, then Image…

This opens the Image Properties dialog box, with the Location tab selected by default.

Make sure the checkbox is checked on Attach this image to the message. Then, click the Choose File… button.

After you’ve selected the image you want to attach, click on the Don’t use alternate text radio button (unless you want to add some alternate text (and Thunderbird will force you to do that if you do).

Don’t click the OK button yet.

Click the Dimensions tab, which will display your options for resizing the image.

Pick Custom Size, make sure Constrain checkbox is checked, and then enter the Width you want. If Contrain is checked, the Height will automatically adjust to keep the picture in the same proportions.

Now, click the OK button to complete attaching the resized image to your email.

Note: the OK button is grayed out in this image because I did not select an image on the Location tab.

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