Subscriber Phil Martin couldn’t get Windows Vista to reload the drivers for his new wireless network card, so he wrote to ask:

Hi Jonny,

I have just installed an Edimax Wireless card into my computer running Windows Vista and I cannot get it to work. When I open device manager I get the following message “Cannot load drivers for this device (code 31).”

Can you help me with this problem?

Assuming that the hardware does work with Vista, perhaps there are newer drivers for the wireless card — I suggested that Phil check the manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers.

Then, uninstall the drivers via the Control Panel’s Add/Remove Programs. Reboot.

Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the drivers.


Thanks for your quick reply. Each time I try and install the new drivers my computer locks up.



Assuming Phil’s using the right drivers, and the drivers are for Vista, maybe the problem is with the card.

If he didn’t delete the drivers, perhaps that option is available via the Add/Remove Programs function. Windows might have been grabbing and using the previously installed driver that wasn’t working.

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