Adding a Save-As Button, or any of a large number of other functional buttons, to Word 2007, Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007 is easy.

In an earlier article, I wrote about how to add a Save-As button to Word 2003, Excel 2003 and PowerPoint 2003. The process is different in Office 2007. Unlike Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007 programs use the newer Ribbon interface.

Office 2007 has a new feature called the Quick Access Toolbar, located on the left side of the top “title bar” line of the program window.

In the image below, you can see the Quick Access Toolbar just to the right of the Office logo’ed orb (remember, that’s not just for looks — that’s also a button to access many functions within the program).

By default, if I recall correctly, the Quick Access Toolbar has the New Document, QuickPrint and UnDo buttons. I’ve added some more buttons to that.

The items in my Quick Access Toolbar are New, Save, SaveAs, a separator, QuickPrint, Print (that opens the print dialog box), another separator, Undo, Redo and PrintPreview.

Notice that, just to the right of the Quick Access Toolbar, there is a small pull-down icon. This opens the toolbar that allows us to customize the Quick Access Toolbar.

There are a few items in this pull-down — you’ll find most of the items in the dialog box that opens when you click on More Commands…

Notice that this dialog box (which opened from More Commands) is actually the Customize option under the Word Options dialog box.

Another easy way to open the Customize Quick Access Toolbar is to right-click on the Office orb. Then, select the Customize option from the resulting context menu.

Notice that one of the other functions on this context menu is Minimize the Ribbon. If you ever accidentally hide the Ribbon, you can use this menu to display it again.

You can also access the Word Options dialog box from within Word 2007 by left-clicking on the Office orb. Then click on the Word Options button at the bottom of that dialog box.

At this point, the process of adding items to the Quick Launch Toolbar is easy. Select the item in the left column, and click on the Add button between the two columns.

If you want to change the order of the items in the Quick Launch Toolbar, in the right column, select the item to be moved and then use the up or down arrow button to change the order of the icons.

If the item you want to add (such as the Print dialog box) isn’t shown in the left column, then use the pull-down labelled “Choose commands from:” from Popular Command to All Commands.

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