Overheating of the processor

Overheating CPU is one of the most frequent causes of spontaneous reboot or shutdown the computer. BIOS stands for protection, which in case of exceeding the maximum available temperature instantly turns the computer off in order not to let him burn. Check the CPU temperature with the help of special software such as Speccy. If the problem is it overheats, you should check it runs cooler or not and whether it is fixed. Also should replace the thermal compound between processor and heatsink to the new one.

In my experience I will say that once upon a time, after cleaning the computer from dust, I was in a hurry and poorly secured the CPU (one of the four fasteners are not fully in the groove), this cooler is not very close to the CPU and the computer turned off in less than a minute after switching on. About the problem learned from the BIOS, when I saw how quickly the temperature rises and the CPU reached 100 degrees, the Bios turned off the computer.

The system is overheated

If spontaneous computer shutdown began in the hot summer days or you are playing a brand new game that pulls a lot of computer resources, it is possible your computer cooling system cannot cope and therefore there are restart (trip). Check the temperature of various components of the computer and all other coolers in the system unit.

Old power supply

If the spontaneous shutdown of the computer has increased and become commonplace, then perhaps the problem is in the computer’s power supply, especially if it’s been there for years. The power supply may lack power if the components of the computer changed, which consume more energy. It is also worth to clean the fan of the PSU (power supply unit) from dust. I should add that another reason for the spontaneous shutdown your PC can be voltage fluctuations, in such cases, you need a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

HDD is slowly dying

If before your computer shut down itself you heard strange noises inside the system unit, a metal buzzing or squeaking sounds, then most likely the problem is in the hard disk drive (HDD), which may no longer regular their last days. This situation often occurs on older computers (more than 5 years). To verify this problem, you can use the program CrystalDiskInfoand also save important information on a flash drive or a couple of blanks in order to avoid its loss in case of hard drive crash.

Excessive clogging of dust

One of the possible reasons for turning off the computer without the user’s consent is a strong blockage of the motherboard and its slots dust. To prevent the computer is cleaned from dust at least every few months, depending on how quickly it becomes clogged.

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